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VidEditor Includes The Following Features:
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  •  Create Long Length Videos
  • Attach Multiple Videos Together
  • Edit The Videos You Create Inside VideoCreator With Ease!
  • Camtasia Style Full-Feature Timeline Editor 
  •  Loom Style Screen Capture App
  • Webcam Recorder
  •  In-app Voice Recording
  • 150,000 Ready-Made Video Scripts
  • Huge Collection of  Motion Text Effects, Lower Thirds & Animations.
  •  Unlimited Videos - No Monthly Fees!
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VidEditor Tutorial
Tutorial: How To Merge Videos Together
To Create Long Length Videos
150,000 Video Scripts
To solve this problem we are including 150,000 ready-made video scripts from all of the hottest niches and topics you can imagine.

This is perfect if you don’t know what videos to create or don’t have the time to research topics.

No matter what your client demands, you can find a script on that topic and instantly create a video inside VidEditor.

This saves you thousands on copywriter fees and ensures you create videos fast without any of the hassles.
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